Wabash Always Fights

main_LemondTD21.jpg “Wabash Always Fights” is a saying that defines Wabash College.  This season, our football team lived that motto in all aspects of what we did.  There were great “Wabash Always Fights” moments that occurred on the field.  Like Kody Lemond’s incredible catch to start the season in the Denison game.  Or everyone’s performance against Wittenberg to not only score a late touchdown to tie the game, but to ALWAYS fight and get ourselves in position to kick a game-winning field goal in the waning seconds of the game.  Or the time Wes Chamblee converted on 4th and 15 late in the first round of the playoffs to keep our chances alive, but again we were not done.  Wes followed it up with an improbable TD catch where he outran everyone to reach the end zone capping an amazing comeback.  These on the field triumphs definitely proved our ability to Always Fight.

More impressing to me, however, was our team’s ability to fight away from the field on Saturday afternoons.  The whole year we faced adversity.  From the get-go, some said we would fail because we had new coaches, new schemes, and new players because all we lost to new jobs and graduation.  Instead of being overcome by doubt, our seniors lead this team through the uncertainty of everything.  We also had to fight through heart breaking family losses.  We had countless players lose loved ones throughout the year.  It seemed like each week another player or two suffered another great loss.  The guys turned to one another to help them fight through the pain asking for our prayers and encouragement. 

main2_case%20liska1.jpgJust because the season did not end the way we wanted it to does not mean Wabash Football changed its attitude or approach.  Instead, it has made us more resolved and more determined to work harder than ever before.  Our men were in the weight room the week after the season ended preparing to improve on the accomplishments of this year.  They have some big shoes to fill.  This year’s senior class is the all-time winningest class in Wabash history compiling a record of 40-7 with 4 straight NCAC championships.  Some Little Giants indeed.

It is time to wash the unfortunate taste of defeat away with hard-work and dedication.  To reach the next level, we will have to work harder than we ever have.  Fortunately for us, we have already started and will continue to live the idea of “Wabash Always Fights”.

Coach Pynenberg

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