Fighting for Family

This year has been everything a senior could ask for.  Going into the offseason, everyone was admittedly nervous due to the coaching changeover, but head coach or not, we still worked harder than this program has ever worked before, because we knew our goals would not accomplish themselves.  With an unmatched drive, we powered our way through offseason workouts and went into the summer full head of steam.  Most of us parted for the summer but still found the time and funds to get back together to train for the upcoming season.  Then in late summer, we (the seniors) took a week off from our jobs to go out to Utah and climb King’s Peak together.  Next came reporting day.  The new family members (freshmen) were introduced to the old family members (upperclassmen) and camp began.  We were not flawless during camp, but effort and intensity were always at a high level.  Guys were fighting for playing time and the offense and defense were making each other better.  Then, before we knew it, the scrimmage came versus our much respected opponent Wheaton College and the first game against Denison University. 

I speak about the offseason and preseason (camp), because they are reason for our success.  It is not some fluke that we stand 7-0 against some tough competition.  We are not having this magical, Cinderella season.  Our production is a direct result of the hard work that has been put in during the offseason.  Make no mistake, this family is extremely special and becoming more so each day, but a huge majority of our success is due to our preparation. 

With that being said, this year has been an amazing experience.  The new coaching staff has adapted to the traditions of Wabash extremely well and has brought in a system that can take full advantage of the skills of its players.  Players have unselfishly stepped into new rolls for the team.   And, we have grown closer as a family.  Each passing day inches me closer to the period of my life where I am no longer considered a “football player”.  At first, that leaves me in apprehension.   I know that this team is way too special, way too close, and way too fun to finish now.  But, I think about all the experiences that this program has given me and the investment have made as a team, and I know that we are going to do everything in our power to keep this season going as long as possible. 

Wabash Always Fights!

David Mann #20

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