Senior Center Durm Feels Excitement Mounting in Bell Week!

Nick Durm, #69

This has been my busiest bell week of my Wabash career, but it is shaping up to be another great one as well.  I am trying extra hard this year to enjoy all of the festivities as much as possible, because I know this is my last bell week as a participant.  I am very proud of our freshman class and underclassmen, who have shown a great commitment to the Monon Bell tradition, even though they may not fully understand what it all means until Saturday.  I have seen dozens of Monon Mohawks all over campus and several Monon Mustaches as well.  It speaks to the commitment of our campus to supporting both our football team and our Monon tradition.  We can feel the excitement build around campus as the stands go up and the festivities begin.

Durm Protecting the Quarterback vs. Kenyon

I love bell week for all of its traditions.  We take the bell down from its prominent pedestal in the Allen Center during bell week to display it proudly in the front of the chapel for everyone to see and hear.  Unfortunately, there have been complaints about the bell ringing during classes, which is the only thing that has stopped the bell from ringing 24/7.  If it were up to me, I’d want to hear the bell ringing all year long.  The bell can be heard all across campus throughout the week ringing from the front of the chapel.  It is a constant reminder of how important the bell is to this campus, and the unity that bell week brings to all Wabash men.  Every night throughout the week, the Sphinx club holds cookouts at midnight for the campus to unite around the bell, some burgers, and free haircuts (Monon Mohawks).  Men stand guard all throughout the night to keep watch over our campus and our bell.  I love all these traditions and I am going to fight as hard as I can on Saturday to make sure we keep the bell where it belongs, so we can carry the bell back to the Chapel for another year of Monon Bell traditions.

Nick Durm

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Beedie Writes About The Intensity of “WITT WEEK”

Chris Beedie, #92

Witt week always comes fast.  In reality, it is hard to decide what to say about Witt week.  For every person on the campus, and especially those on the team, the simple phrase “Witt week” carries a lot of meaning.  This game is always more of a battle than a game and it is nearly impossible not to get excited about playing an opponent as good as Wittenberg.

Beedie Down in his Stance and Ready to Make a Play vs. OWU

The week leading up to this game is always one full of anticipation and added excitement.  Except for the Bell game, it is hard to think of an opponent that gets guys fired up as much as Witt.  There is always something a little different about practice this week; due in no small part to the fact that the conference championship is on the line.

Yes, the added spirit, attitude, and determination are all fun aspects of the week.  However, I believe the absolute best part about Witt week is the way our team pulls together through all of the preparation we make.  I am not saying we do not prepare for other games; trust me, we do.  With so much at stake and knowing that we have to be at our best to beat this team, it is really cool to step back for a minute and consider the way guys on the team, and throughout the campus, rally together for the game.  Developing our team into a family is always one of our main program goals, and I think that the sense of family that we have had, and continue to develop, would be very different without the bonds formed during Witt week.

"We Have Come Together Today..." A Great Tradition of the Wabash Football Family

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Mambourg Ready to Win his Third Conference Title this Week!

Tommy Mambourg, #35

WITT WEEK!! RED SWARM!! It is finally here, and there is no doubt that the Little Giants haven’t forgotten last year.  After losing on a last-second field goal in Byron P. Hollett Stadium last year, there is a bitter taste in our mouths and we’re ready for battle this Saturday.  The Little Giants will be traveling to Springfield, OH, to take on the Wittenberg Tigers for the NCAC Championship on Saturday.  I don’t think the regular season could end any better than playing our top two rivals in Wittenberg and DePauw.  As a team, we have realized the importance of the three week stretch at the tail end of our schedule.  After beating

Mambourg & Brady Young celebrate a TD this Season

Allegheny, we have some momentum going into the Conference Championship.  However, we know it is going to be a dog fight and the game will most likely end on the last play.  The past three years versus Wittenberg, the game has gone down to the final seconds, and my sophomore year will be a memory I will never forget.  Josh Gangloff had blocked a kick and our offense drove down into field goal range, where now-senior(then sophomore) kicker Spencer Whitehead drilled a field goal to win the game.

As our days of preparation come closer to an end we know it is going to take all that Wabash College has to beat the Tigers.  There is no doubt that it will be a fight to the finish and the team that comes out on top will be the Champion of the NCAC, a championship that has been fought out between Wabash and Wittenberg nine out of the last ten years.  I hope everyone can come and make this another special moment in Wabash College Football history.

The Battle against Witt Continues this Week! Here Mambourg fights for extra yardage in last year's classic.

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Martin Expresses His Thoughts Going into Senior Day

Jake Martin, #22

When the team reported to camp this year, one of the first thing Coach Raeburn said to the seniors was, “Take advantage of every situation, because your senior year is going to fly by, and before you know it, it will be over.” As a player I have heard that millions of time, but it never really sank in at all. I always knew that I would have a team to play for the next year; however, I can’t say that anymore. This Saturday we take on a very good opponent in Allegheny for senior day. Saturday will be the last time that I will be able to run out of the tunnel after screaming the chant. I have cherished every moment from the time I walked onto campus after the senior trip up until now, because I know it will be the last time I ever do it.

Jake Taking Back an Interception for a Big Return

Wabash football works extremely hard to prepare their players to win games on Saturday; however, they work even harder to prepare their players to be successful business men and excellent fathers. Looking back on my four years here, I have accomplished things that I have never thought would be possible when I stepped foot on this campus as a freshman. There is going to be no possible way that I will ever be able to thank the football program for all of the amazing opportunities that it has presented me. I did not realize all of lessons that I have learned while playing football at Wabash College until the start of the season. I knew that it was going to be my last go around and I needed to cherish every moment that I have playing the game I love. My experience as a Wabash

Martin Wrapping up a Chicago Ball Carrier

College football player has been unbelievable and Saturday will definitely be an emotional day knowing that I will never be able to run out of the tunnel in front of thousands of diehard Wabash fans. Playing football at Wabash College is an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Jake Martin #22

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Singleton Appreciates Wabash Football’s Family Atmosphere

Pat Singleton, #73

Pat Singleton, ’14 — The decision to attend Wabash was a hard one for me.  I could not decide whether or not I wanted to play football or just go to a public school and enjoy college for college.   The main reasons I chose to attend Wabash College were because of the people here and the chance to play football.  These people were the students, teachers, players and coaches.  I did not choose to go to Wabash until the last month of high school, after Honors Scholar weekend.  That weekend showed me the type of players that Wabash had on their team. That weekend I met a lot of these players and got to hang out with them.  These players accepted everyone right away and are my friends now.  Along with the players on the team, the coaches, especially Coach Raeburn, were a major part in my decision.  The coaches love the game of football and love interacting with players and recruits.

Once I decided to attend Wabash, I was excited and also nervous.  I was ready to go to college but the thing I was most worried about was football and whether I was going to be able to compete at the college level.  Within the first week of camp, it felt like I had been on the team for months with the sense of “family” that our team has.  It is not only our players that have this sense of family but also our coaches.  Coaches that had nothing to do with my position and I had not even talked to more than once knew my name and were interested how I was doing at Wabash.  The players on this team look out for one another whether you are a freshman playing on the red squad or senior that starts on Saturdays.  Choosing to play football was the greatest decision I made other than attending Wabash.  Playing football went from me being nervous about even playing to being the highlight of my day.  I love Wabash and I am so glad I made the decision to both attend Wabash and play football here. Wabash Always Fights!

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RB Yoder Defines Himself as a True Little Giant

Derrick Yoder, #2

Derrick Yoder, ’11 — To say I have mixed feelings heading into the last four games of the regular season is an understatement.  I cherish all the memories I have made during my years as a Wabash football player, I look forward to the toughest games of the season, and I anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead for the team, but I dread the end of my football career.  Unlike most sports, I can never pad up again and play the sport that I have grown to love for so many years.

These days consist of a lot of self-reflection.  When I think about why I came to Wabash,

Yoder with a Punishing Stiff Arm

the narrative must start when I was in fourth grade.  My first year of organized football was one that changed my life forever.  There, I started playing running back and never stopped.  I had always idolized Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders: two running backs that defied their lack of size and dominated at a high level throughout their careers.  Football offered me the same opportunity to excel despite the challenges of not being a “natural.”  I have always been small, have never been the fastest guy on the field, but I love the opportunity of challenging myself to excel at a sport that requires unparalleled discipline.  Beyond that, the outcome of succeeding as a team, in the ultimate team sport, is a feeling that is second to none.  Wabash was the perfect place for me to excel in a team environment, which also required an unmatched discipline, both academic and athletic, and will reap the satisfaction of knowing I made it through Wabash as part of a strong, fraternal effort.

Yoder Breaks Away for a 40 yd TD ReceptionWabash football has taught me a lot of life lessons.  Of the many challenges this team has overcome and the underlying lessons learned, one theme will resound in my head for the rest of my days: Wabash Always Fights!

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Buresh Reflects on how the Offseason Pushed the Team to Where it is Now

Tyler Buresh, # 78

Tyler Buresh ’12 — I have truly been blessed by the opportunity to not only attend Wabash College, but also to play football here. I decided to attend Wabash for several reasons: the impeccable academics, the large amount of financial aid, the dominating football program, but ultimately it came down to the people. On my visits it really struck me that people at Wabash really cared about each other. There was such an atmosphere of family and brotherhood that I felt completely drawn in and comfortable. I now know that this is because Wabash is hard. It will beat you down until you would break on your own, but your brothers are there to pick you up. They have all felt the same way at one time or another and had someone help them. The shared hardships which we often face at Wabash have allowed a bonding to occur that is special. This family atmosphere is even more apparent on the football team.

In the middle of the spring semester, classes are in full swing. It feels like spring break is years away, and football work outs are at 6 A.M. every morning. It would be impossible to make it through 6 A.M.’s without family. There is a reason that every morning DeonteSingfield would run around screaming family, and that is because he understood that without each other we would not make it. The same attitude and sense of family which allowed us to make it through 6 A.M.’s is necessary now more than ever. We are reaching the heart of our schedule and every game is vital. A loss could very well signify the premature end of our family. I know that I will do everything in my power to keep this family together. I will fight for the seniors who do not know how many games they have left. No matter what the circumstance our family will never give up, we will continue to fight for each other and for our time together.

Wabash Always Fights,

Tyler Buresh

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