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First Day in Dublin Amazing for Students

November 21, 2008 - This date marks a turning point for me as an individual. Today was my first trip overseas. Naturally, my expectations were high as I had heard so many wondrous things about other Wabash students going overseas and having the time of their lives.

Oh My God!!! If you are reading this blog and have not taken a trip abroad with Wabash, what are you waiting for? I have only spent a day here and so far, all of the stories have lived up to the hype. Granted our plane ride over could have been better so I ended up staying awake for almost a good 24 hours, but whenever I slept for 10 or so minutes when I had a chance, I fell asleep with a smile on my face. Why you ask? Because we’re in Ireland baby!!!

Every session of our James Joyce class has been leading to this event. Our journey started us off landing in Dublin after a 6-7 hour flight. Wow, was I blown away by the scenery. I do not think I have blown through so much memory on my camera getting a snapshot of every single statue, landmark and random Irish native. Pretty much, I was a walking person labeled tourist. My camera never stayed off for very long.

Our primary event of the day was a guided tour through southern Dublin and seeing various landmarks such as The Spire, which gave me reverse vertigo just looking up at it; the court house, which featured several statues and works of art plus an amazingly designed glass ceiling; and Dublin Castle, where some events shaping Dublin’s early of history took place.

Our tour guide had plenty of information to tell us and if he could have kept the tour going for more than two hours, he would have. Our first day closed with our first dinner at an Irish restaurant called Nude, which made some delicious sausage. Finally, we passed through a few small pubs and witnessed some well played, old fashioned Irish music, which you can see via the link below.

We have finally arrived in Dublin ladies and gentlemen, and the fun has only just begun.

In photo: The tour guide shares knowledge of the Dublin Castle behind him.