Start Smart

Another semester has started just as one ended, and as we gear up for championship season and all the great accomplishments that will happen in the pool, let’s take a step back and congratulate those who excelled in the classroom as well.

The goal for our team the fall semester, in terms of school, was to earn a team GPA of 3.3.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  The team earned that 3.3 GPA and 8 of the 19 team members had a 3.5 or higher!!  Now we will have to wait to see where the team falls in terms of GPA ranking among all college swim programs, but I am extremely proud of this accomplishment of the team.  But I think we can grab a 3.4 this spring!

Out of those 19 team members, 5 made the Student Athlete Top 25 GPA List for Wabash College.  Juniors Adam Barnes and Brad Wise rocked the highest GPAs on the team with 3.9s this semester, and continued to lock down their spots as two of the smartest student athletes on campus.  Steven Batchelder, a sophomore, appeared on the list for the 3rd consecutive semester.  Sophomore Carter Adams and freshman Dylan Miller also made the Top 25 List.  To earn a spot on the list this semester, a student athletes GPA had to be higher than 3.85.  I have to be proud of the fact that over 25% of the team comprises 20% of the top 25 student athlete GPA list on campus!

And there are a number of guys with 3.5 GPA that will have a chance to earn Academic All American status this semester if there swimming falls into place as well.

So let’s keep up the good work and be the smartest team on campus, and the smartest swim team in the country!

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