Appreciate the moment

There has been a lot of debate lately about the Women’s 400 IM results and if the results are tainted or not.  I for one, don’t care either way.  What Ye Shiwen did was unbelievable and possibly one of the best moments in the Games so far.  Elizabeth Beisel swims for Gregg Troy at Florida.  Gregg Troy is known for his high volume training and getting his swimmers to finish races just about better than anyone.  And this fact was proven by how well swimmers such as Beisel, Lochte, Dwyer and others brought home their races at the Olympic Trials.  But Ye Shiwen punked everyone on that last leg of the 4 IM.  The only other time I saw such a huge comeback was when Michael Bonomo swam by Scott Armstrong in the last 100 of  the 1650 at DIII Nationals in 2002.  But if you look at the results from all the Chinese, they are dominating the last potion of all their races.  Sun Yang back halfed the 400 and 200 frees like no one else so far this meet, and he will probably do it again in the 1500.  Ye Shiwen proved she was no fluke when she came from behind yet again yesterday to win the 200 IM.  Yet there are people saying that since she dropped so much time, she must be doing something illegal.  Really?  What about Katie Ledecky and Connor Jaeger for the US?  Their improvements over the past year have been phenomenal, yet no suspicion there.  What about 15 year old Rute Meilutyte from Lithuania who won the 100 breast yesterday?  She’s made great improvements at such a young age, and no one has a problem with that.  Let’s forget about what country is winning medals, and who may or may not be doing what.  Let’s all turn on the TV and watch some great swimming.  Let’s take a step back and realize that when people work for 4 or more years to be at their best and put their heart and soul into their work, that great things are bound to happen over time.  The Olympics are about amazing inspirational moments, not about crying over wins and losses.  Could you imagine how differently the United State would feel if in 2008, the world went crazy of Jason Lezak’s split in the 4 x 100 M relay.  he had the help of suits, he had performance enhancers, blah blah blah.  That would have dampened a great moment for the country and been unfair to Lezak.  We need to respect other countries accomplishments as much as we respect our own accomplishments.  There are impressive races happening all over the place.  And at least for the next couple weeks, let’s celebrate the greatness we see instead of immediately trying to prove it as being less than great.

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