The Offseason

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on what’s going on at Wabash these days.  The offseason so far as been very productive.  After a successful season in the water, many guys have taken much vigor into their offseason workouts, whether in be Crossfit, Asylum, or Insanity.  Yesterday, everyone came together to see how what kind of shape they are in compared to the end of the first week of the regular season.  DRUM ROLL, PLEASE.  And with the results, what can be assessed is that the team’s core strength (pullup, pushups, and situps) has improved greatly since September.  And overall, many of the 500 swims were faster as well.  But that run sure did kill the guys, so I think some cardiovascular work will be needed over the next few months.  Steve Batchelder finished first in the swim, Brad Wise first in pull ups, Aaron Troyer first is sit ups, and Carter Adams first in pushups.  Adam Barnes came in first in the run and first overall with a total score of 555.  Adam’s score of 555 currently places him in a tie for first in the country according to the records on USA Swimming, which can be found here:

So now the guys have some things to shoot for in the future and items to keep them motivated over the summer.  And now it’s on to the next task at hand, SWIM LESSONS!

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One Response to The Offseason

  1. Ernest says:

    go guys. keep fit and keep doing all it take to be on top. To be your best you must keep training and have a mind set to excel. thanks for sharing this with us.