The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

College Basketball has March Madness and College Football has its bowl season.  In swimming, we have conference season.  It’s a glorious 3 weeks of fast swimming that leaves many coaches and swimmer hitting the refresh button on their computers waiting to see how meets turn out for teams.  Starting this Wednesday, it’s Wabash’s turn to jump in the pool and put down some fast times.  The guys have been resting for a couple weeks now and look primed for some lifetime bests.  The razors and shaving cream are about, the suits are smelling fresh and new, the caps have never hit the water before, and the minds are focused and determined to accomplish greatness.  It’s a new team, a new year, and another chance for Wabash to prove their are among the elite.  19 weeks of hard work for 3 days of swimming fast sure sets off the nerves.  But it also kicks in the adrenaline and gets the blood rising.  No one ever became great without first overcoming some obstacles, whether they be physical or mental.  Starting Wednesday night, Wabash will venture outside it’s comfort zone, feed to the adrenaline and desire and commit to representing the college to the best or our abilities.  Stay tuned and keep clicking refresh!

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