Caldwell Named To ESPN The Magazine/CoSIDA Academic All-District Team

The awards for Tony Caldwell keep rolling in! Click here to read about his latest.

In a six month period, Tony has redefined what is possible. It is simply amazing when you think about it.

• He returns from a year off when most wouldn’t dream of taking on such a challenge.

• He gets back in shape only to be completely wiped out by a severe case of mono in November.

• He struggles through the ups and downs of his first Conference Meet in 2 years.

• One week later he gets behind the block for what is the final swim of his career, only to break the school record and qualify for Nationals (which suddenly gives him three more chances to compete against the best in the country!).

• He then becomes an All-American, gets a job with Lilly, graduates cum-laude (by raising his GPA a tenth in his final semester), becomes an Academic All-American, and ends up named to the ESPN / CoSIDA Academic All-District Team.

As Tony told me in Houston, "It’s a good time to be Tony Caldwell."

(Pictured is Tony and his sister, Michelle, in Houston at the National Championships)

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