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Dinner and Some History

Don Feeney '07

After a short delay Wednesday morning, the group headed out in perfect weather to Castillo de Chapultepec which was followed by a visit to the Basilica de Guadalupe.  Both of these sights, with good reason, are a must for those traveling through Mexico City.  However, for me the thing that will stand out in my mind the most from Wednesday was the mariachi, the great food, and the even better conversation.  Allow me to explain…

While most tourists come to Mexico City, hit the tourist spots their guide books tell them, and return to their hotels each night with lots of pictures, many of us were fortunate enough to have an experience not available in any tourism guide to Mexico.  Fortunately for us, the only person other than Dr. Warner writing on the history of the Cora (an indigenous group in Mexico) happens to be a friend of his, Laura Magriñá who lives here in Mexico City.  Perhaps even more fortunate for us, her husband, Jesus Jauregui, holds an important position in the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (National Institute of Anthropology and History). He also happens to be a human Google for Mexican history, and was able to assist us with our papers an incredible amount.  I came to the dinner with the expectation of finding information on the historical memory of my topic, los rurales, and left with not only such information but in addition he was kind enough to give me a complete list of books that would help me in my research.  After speaking with several of my classmates I realized that I was not the only one who benefited greatly from the experience.  After the dinner we discussed how much he had helped us with new perspectives, new information, and new ideas on our topics.  As he made his way down the table, it was incredible to listen to him field questions concerning anything with Mexican history, and doing so in a manner which made me think he enjoyed helping us as much as we enjoyed his help.  When the evening was over I know we had all gained a tremendous amount of direction for our papers, and for that we owe our gratitude to Señora Magriñá and Dr, Jauregui, and to Dr. Warner for giving us this opportunity.

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