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Blogger Blues

Jesse James '08

I apologize for the lack of web logs and album postings for Days 4 and 5. It appears the city has brought this youthful, energetic Wally to very slow (explained later!) pace.

At 4:30am this morning, Wednesday, November 22nd, I awoke with a hard pain in my chest and Dr. Warner aided me in calling a house-call doctor.The doctor was at my hotel room within 15 minutes. Talk about service! He asked my symptoms and I gave the Freudian replies...tingling arm, swollen throat, chest pain. After jotting a few things down, Jon Miller (my roommate down here) and Dr. Warner and Dean Klein (helping me out!!! Thanks!) I witnessed the doctor pull out a portable I.V. system and inject the  appropriate medicines. Within minutes that the fluid entered my blood stream in entirety the pain started to fade. I was impressed! By describing just a few symptoms he had everything set. "It should take about 1 hour for the solution to completely enter your body," said the doctor in his broken English.


Three hours later, at 8:30 AM (9:30 all y'alls time back home), the solution was nearing completion. I have small veins. Who knew? After hours of very interesting conversation with the doctor - ranging from Christianity to photography to KFC to the USA's most beautiful cities - finally asked my name. I told him "Jesse James" and he began to chuckle! For a minute I thought there was an 'extra kick' in the solution! It turns out that my doctor (a native Mexico City urbanite) has a gross interest in the United States' wild west history. He proceeded to give me histories of Jesse and the James Gang. It was quite an experience...an I.V. in my right arm and a native Mexican doctor telling me facts about my wild west name that I haven't ever heard! After the fluid was completely flushed into my system, the doctor wrote my prescriptions and headed off to help other people in need of an in-room I.V. station! Ha Ha.  know he probably won't ever read this, but I want everyone who does to know how great of a doctor he was! Professional and personal! What a combination.


Oh, and by the way, I had increased blood pressure because of the altitude of the City (some several thousand above even the average sea level height in Indiana) and / or of high sodium intake as Mexican cuisine is known for higher levels of salt than in the U.S. Who knew?


I'm doing much better now. Thanks, doc.