Alumni Group Arrives in Assisi

Howard Hewitt, Assisi, Italy – The alumni travel group has changed locations and started the third leg of a two week stay in Italy. After a quick walk this morning through the Siena weekly market, we boarded a travel coach and enjoyed a two-hour bus ride through Tuscany to Perugia then up to Assisi.

Assisi, of course, is mostly known for Saint Francis of Assisi and the center of Professor Bill Cook’s lifelong scholarship. We arrived in bight Tuscan sunshine amidst a cool beeze and bright skies. A quick walk from our bus to the hotel was enough to get some feel for city. We checked into our hotel and grabbed a bite of lunch before it was off to the church.

It’s actually two churches one built upon another. We spent a good deal of time in the lower church studying the many frescos depicting the life and times of Francis.

One of the most moving moments was going below the chruch the tomb of Sain Francis.

After a brief tour of the old Roman ruins, below grounds, at the center of the city we took a break before dinner.

Dinner was fabulous with local umbria wines, ravioli with truffle, penne pasta with veal, roasted guinea fowl, and panocatta for desert. The group was in high spirits giving their scribe a big send off.

The group was back to the church today and will spend Friday and part of Saturday in Assisi. They will coach to Florence Friday and return to the US Thursday.

I’m finishing this post in the Rome airport about an hour before takeoff for New York and then Indianapolis. A few of the young guys on the trip promise to send some photos and a few blog updates to finish out the trip.



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