Cuisine A Highlight of Alumni Travel

Howard Hewitt, Siena, Italy – Anyone who has ever traveled beyond our boarders knows half the fun of visiting foreign countries is exploring food and restaurants.

Of course, Italy is known for it’s food. Here is an example – last night’s incredible dinner menu at one of Siena’s better Ristorantes – La Taverna di San Giuseppe.

Appetizer:Salted tart with tomatoes perfumed with pesto, Tuscan prosciutto aged 20 months, spinach and truffle triangle.

First plate: Risotto with Chianti Classico, pork sausage and grana cheese, Home made pasta with chicken sauce and saffron.

Second plate: Wild boar cooked in milk, roasted potatoes and onions.

Dessert: Chocolate Tart with vanilla cream.

Today we’re again off for a big change of pace. We’re off to a 12th-century Monastery, including a Latin Gregorian chant mass; visit the classic hill town of Montalcino, museum and with a picnic at the castle, then visit the Renaissance town of Pienza.


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