Puckett ’15 Finds the Travel a Challenge

Austin Puckett ’15 – Wabash Men are not known for looking there best when they get up in the early morning. However, the morning of March 8th was a little different, as my fellow classmates and I started our adventure to Paris for Spring Break. The ride down to Indianapolis got the ball rolling with a pretty humorous car ride and that continued into the Indianapolis Airport. However, just like Wabash men should do, when it came time to get serious, we got serious. It was pretty much your typically airport visits except for the plane that we flew on to Newark was the equivalent to a fun sized candy bar. Something you should know about me is that I am a terrible flyer. So obviously, this was not good for me.
Not only was the plane small but also almost everyone had to dunk their head just to walk in. However, we prevailed and made it to Newark where the dreaded 5-hour layover waited. We passed the time by playing cards and eating what some called their last American meal. I mean there were burgers and fries and I’m pretty sure there was talk of a milkshake. Now like I said before, I am not a great flyer however the plane that we got onto next was not even a plane. As one guy that I met standing in next to me was that it is a “house with wings.” I mean this thing was absolutely massive and you couldn’t see from one end to the other. This made my fear of flying calm some and was able to have a successful flight.
Saturday was just the beginning of what is going to be an amazing trip. I know that with my fellow Wallies we are going to make Paris feel as though we are right at home at Wabash. I don’t know specifically who to thank for this trip but whoever you are, thank you very much for this once in a live time trip.

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