Speakers Cover Future Health Market

Patrick Bryant ’16 – The inaugural Health Care Immersion Program is wrapping up, and it’s hard to believe what’s been discussed, learned, and questioned over the past three days.  Wednesday, we had the opportunity to hear three perspectives on the future of the healthcare market.

Our first speaker Wednesday was Dr. John Miller ’76. This week, we’ve heard often that costs go down when the focus is on preventive care, being proactive rather than focusing on more reactive, curative care. Thanks in part to his efforts, small things like a youth soccer league, or larger initiatives in implementation of an in-house clinic and primary care physician at a local company make Henry County a more wellness-conscious place to live. Offering short-term incentives (bonuses for maintaining a weight or blood pressure level), could be indicative of a larger model that will be implemented by employers as the market continues to evolve.

For lunch and a talk, we traveled to Lilly to meet with Mike Haugh ’86, Managing Director for Corporate Strategy. From a perspective of business development, Mr. Haugh said new technology and use of genomics to look at DNA sequencing, will allow providers to medicate and proceed based on possible gene mutations.  Finding companies that can find financial viability in such markets of the ACA era could possibly lead to more conglomerates and fewer small(er) companies in the industry.

The final speaker of the day, and program, was Jim Miller ’80, a consulting manager for IMA Consulting. His experience is in the revenue cycle of insurance payers.  Miller said the battle will be uphill for the opening of the insurance policy exchange market which is set to open in October. He said the government is looking to emphasize preventive care but also a “continuance of care” with the primary care provider.

All in all, the experience has been informative and worthwhile. I want to take this opportunity to thank Betsy Knott for her leadership and Dr. Frank Howland for his guidance and expertise. I want to thank the other speakers who made a point to take time with those of us interested either in practicing medicine or looking from a business perspective. Thanks in large part to the financial generosity of Wabash alumni, my classmates and I leave this experience enthusiastic and motivated.

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