Thompson ’14: Great Start in Chicago

Bobby Thompson ’14 – My first day in Chicago was quite the experience. We haven’t even been to the schools, yet it was still a day to remember. My day in Chicago started with a beautiful run on the beach with a temperature of a crisp and relaxing 60 degrees. As a group we went to the Maxwell Market, which is a street that gets shut down every Sunday to sell various items. Of those items I chose to buy a soccer jersey and an authentic orchata, which is a classic, Hispanic, milk and cinnamon based drink. From there we experienced travel in the big city by taking the subway and city buses to our various schools to see what it would be like traveling the rest of the week.

Bobby Thompson ’14 with Mike Beemer

Once back in our room, we all gathered for a little fun in the game room, where I became the ping pong champion of the hostel. After that we went to dinner at Tufano’s, a phenomenal Italian restaurant. We were treated to an amazing five course meal. In attendance was Mike Beemer, who is a grandchild of Caleb Mills. Mr. Beemer and I talked for hours about what Wabash is like. my future goals, and how his scholarship that I receive has been so beneficial to me. Mr. Beemer and his wife donate money to Wabash every year so one lucky man can receive a scholarship in his name. This year, I was that lucky man. It is reasons like these that make Wabash so great. To be able to meet the man who helps pay for my education was a great honor. I talked with Mr. Beemer and his wife for most of the night, great people.

I have always known that Wabash has great faculty and staff, but tonight I realized that the education department does not get enough credit. Dr. Pittard, Dr. Seltzer, Mr. Welch, and Dr. Iazzeto do not get enough recognition for the work they put into this trip. This trip to Chicago takes a lot of planning and is very well thought out by these great teachers. I really applaud there effort and look forward to teaching this week and showing them what I have learned these past few years. The experience will be a great one, the memories will last forever, and this will be an experience I will never forget. I am very excited for this experience and hope to make the most of it. I am sure my fellow Wallies will have the same enthusiasm as I do throughout the week.

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