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Vaught ’16 Treasures York Minister Visit

“Eternal light, shine in our hearts;” I enter the west doors of York Minster and I am met by an orcehstra of color. The sun’s evening rays are saturated in blues, pinks, and yellows as they meet the pilgrim-trodden ground. … Continue reading

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Bolinger ’14 Learns about Pipeline

Jake Bolinger – The morning started out as every immersion morning had, waking up early and eating a delicious breakfast. After our meal, we packed in our vans and headed to the Alyeska Pipeline Company. We listened to a presentation, … Continue reading

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Giving Back to Chiapas

Jose Herrera ’13-           We prepared for our day for what seemed to some of us as an ungodly hour of 8:15 A.M. After shaking off the drowsiness and being reborn through the wonder of breakfast, our group departed to … Continue reading

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