Direnfeld ’13 Learns About Himself in Classroom

David Direnfeld ’13, May 10 -  Today was a big step in my young teaching career, I taught two full classes by myself. On top of that it was in a fairly unfamiliar school with a group of students who did not really know me.

Leading up to this I had done parts of lessons but never a full thing. I was concerned about controlling the class and keeping them on task throughout the lesson. Having an unfamiliar teacher in front of you can be an unsettling situation in many cases, but my students were very open to my teaching techniques and responded to my activity very well. I found that I was able to push the students and persuade them to think harder for more in depth answers to questions in class, and in turn, they realized they had the capability to come up with complex ideas and answers.

I have to admit I was very nervous going into today and I did not really know what was going to happen. I learned that I have the ability to control a classroom and keep a group of students on task and engaged throughout the entire class. Experiences such as these give me confidence in myself as a young teacher because without this leaning experience, my confidence as a teacher might not grow as fast.

Another learning point during my short time teaching at Kenwood is the relationship between student and teacher. I have found that in even this short time I was able to connect with my students in a way where they trust me to push them to think further and come to a conclusion that they might have not come to without me.  Each experience that I have with a new group of students and teachers adds to the knowledge I gain as a young teacher that I will be able to build on and come back to in the future.

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