Buenos Días


Pat Clegg ’13 – One of the few Spanish phrases I know, but every day is a good one here in El Salvador. This morning we followed Morena, the energetic nurse of Las Delicias. Morena has a way of saying everything in Spanish so that the non-Spanish speakers, basically everyone, know exactly what needs to be done. Her passion for healthcare in her community has transcended down to the FIMRC team. Especially when we were put in the position to take the height and weight of several infants and elderly folk. After this, we watched Morena perform efficient check-ups on all the patients in literally 30 minutes.

The morning of work brewed up a great appetite, and what better than fresh baked bread. In my opinion there were three aspects that made this bread so delicious. It was prepared from a huge stone/mud oven, baked fresh, and it cost one dollar for 40 rolls. Needless to say Weston Kitley and I both spent one dollar. The carbohydrate binge probably should have led into an afternoon siesta. However, with Morena there are no such things as siestas. So we continued our quest for world health.

In the afternoon we visited Jorge again, a 10-year-old child with an infected gash on his leg, Morena proceeded to inspect the cut. The day before she had given Jorge an antibiotic to help with his infection. Today there was a noticeable difference in the appearance of Jorge’s cut. The fluid had decreased, and it looked cleaner from when the FIMRC team had seen it earlier. The case of Jorge was one of the more meaningful cases we have dealt with thus far. It was eye opening to see the cause and effect of Morena’s work, and how fast Jorge’s body went from a serious infection to a cut on its way to being healed.  With the success of Morena’s work it makes it easier to say, buenas noches, goodnight.

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