Nicaragua having Impact on Jennings

Austin Jennings ’12 – On day 3, Wednesday the 23rd of November, we were involved with a few different activities through the FIMRC program in Nicaragua. The four of us started out our day like we have the past two days by eating a very delicious breakfast. The smoothies are so refreshing in the morning, considering the sun is up by 5:45 am and it’s around 80 degrees by 7 am.

The Wabash guys with a Nicaruguan boy after an early-week game of soccer.

After breakfast, we headed to the natural hot springs to give swim lessons to the group of little kids we have been helping at the clinic. Now, I had the expectations that this was going to be somewhat organized and kids were going to learn but that expectation vanished. We had about 10 or so kids from around the community at the swim class. That class lasted for about 15 minutes before all the got tired or lost interest and went into the group of trees to look for the local fruit, which they succeed in finding a bunch. I’m not sure what the fruit’s name is but they had a hard outer shell with a seed with pulp substances that was sour to the taste. They became addicting after you started eating the first few. In the end, the groups of kids ended up horse-playing for the remaining of the time.

After leaving the hot springs, we ventured over to Poncho’s sister’s house, our taxi driver for the week. She made an absolutely amazing dish that consisted of beans, grilled chicken, rice, and some amazing local vegetables. It had to be one of the top dishes that we have had this week. We then headed over to the clinic to help again pass out medicine. There were not as many kids as last time but we had a new physician who didn’t know any English so it was hard to understand what was going on when I sat in on the examinations of the kids.

Most of the kids and babies just came in with the common cold or fever. This is the common sickness that we have seen so far when we have been at the clinic. We unfortunately were not able to make it to the local soccer game for which we ‘recruited’ by the local kids to play in their scrimmage against another town. They could have used our help because they ended up losing 2-0. Our night ended with a relaxing swim for a little bit in the hotel area pool and chilling in the hammocks.

Thus far this trip has been an enriching experience for us all.  We have been able to combine helping with FIRMC while also engrossing ourselves in the Nicaraguan culture.  Today was yet another great day and we all can’t wait for tomorrow.


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