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Anleitner ’14: Immersion Illustrates Differences

Jon Anleitner ’14 - As an American citizen with no abroad experience,  it is hard to distinguish between your culture and one from another country such as Ireland. Some Americans think that they don’t come from America because their ancestors didn’t. … Continue reading

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Aguilar ’15 Taken by Irish Stories

Emiliano Aguilar ’15 – The trip is nothing like what I expected! I have never traveled outside my own country and just expected Ireland to be another country like the United States and the rest of the Western world. Our … Continue reading

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Students Embrace Joyce, Ireland Culture

Ryan Horner ’15 – If you’re ever blessed with the opportunity to travel anywhere in Ireland, you can expect two things: plenty of talk about Guinness, and a full exposure to Irish pride. For a class studying Irish author James … Continue reading

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