Farbstein ’13 Getting Acclimated to Peru


Professor Eric Wetzel talking with the students about Peru countryside

Jason Farbstein ‘13 – We arrived safely in Lima after a very long journey.  I think I can confidently say that it was an eye opening experience for all of us Wabash students.  We took a short drive to the campaign where we had a short introduction of how we would be helping the nurses and doctors stationed there.

Our journey continued up some very large hills to Pamplona which can briefly be described as the shanty towns of Lima.  This was not even close to what we saw on our tour.  We could not believe that a structure about the size of a Wabash classroom fed more than 150 children a day, and that it was all prepared by one woman who cooked on only two burners.  We all were given a thank you for visiting drink that was a combination of boiled water and apples.

Dr. Wetzel informed us to be very careful about what we ingested during our stay here, so  we were all very hesitant about trying the mystery drink. After approaching Dr. Wetzel on the subject, he grinned and said “Sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid welcome drinks or meals.”  We all decided to not disappoint our host and to just say “Bottoms up.”

The day was mind blowing and I believe that every student can really appreciate what we all have back in the United States.  We do not need to worry about having a meal for the day, safe water to drink, and living on such limited resources such as a house built out of plywood, tarp, and a few bricks.  We have been in Peru for one day, and I already feel as if we as students have an obligation to help the poor citizens who live in this part of the country.

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