A Moving Saturday with Children

Steve Charles — On Saturday morning we visited the Mother Theresa Nuzzo Children’s Home, which is run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, for a day of work and play. Many of the 57 girls here were rescued by the sisters from the nearby Kibera slum after parents had died of AIDS. Professor Cook believed when he looked at the faces of these women, he was looking at the saints. And the children, he said, are the holy innocents.

I am not sure who had more fun this day, the students or the girls they so enjoyed playing with. The Wabash guys seemed overjoyed to finally get a chance to respond, in a small but meaningful way, to suffering they had seen surround them at Kibera.

In his own fashion, Rashaan Stephens captures the thoughts of many in the entry below.

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Rashaan Stephens ’13 — I am disappointed at the dearth of food, yet surprised at the abundance of spirit, strength, and hope here.

Sam Glowinski '12 helps feed an orphan girl.

Today we went to an orphanage. There is this little girl I cannot stop thinking about; her name is Lucy. When I think about Lucy’s face I see hope, but then there is an overshadowing sense of reality that makes the plausibility of her hopes and dreams not even thinkable. I look around at all the children when I am not playing with them and my heart stops. I cannot breathe, and I feel dampness around my eyes. There will be no rain from my eyes — instead I will pray for showers over Kenya.

There are 57 children living in the Mother Maria Theresa Nuzzo Children’s Home. Between us, I believe Michael, DeVan and I played or talked with all them. We played African and American children’s games like “Simon Says” and “Jiggilo”. Some of the African children’s games were like ours, only spoken in Swahili. Red Light, Green Light’ was really fun to play with them, and so were some of their games.

I don’t remember all the children’s names, but a few in particular. Lucy liked to play and take pictures like a model. Yvonne, short and sweet barely understood English but liked to listen and dance to Beyonce. Margaret wanted to come to America and travel other places. Lucy is Kenya’s Next Top Model, Yvonne is the future face of Gerber Baby and Margaret is the next little girl to travel the world.

They seem to be so unaware of the things they can have and what is in store for them in the future. Children seem to play a small part, but they actually play a bigger part. Soon they will be at the heart of it all, little do they know and we have prepared them with so little. Lucy doesn’t know that she is the future of Kenya. Soon it will be her chance to save the children.

How can anyone in the world let this poverty go on for so long? Why do these children have to suffer and not be given a fair chance? I’ve got to do something to help. If we know about the problems, why can’t we do something to find a solution? Whatever we are doing now, it is not working.

A 40 Kenyan Shilling coin can buy these children a loaf of bread or some milk — that’s less than a dollar. I know I have to be practical and I realize I cannot do this all by myself, but once a black man is motivated, he will achieve his goal. I will only see obstacles if I take my eyes off the goal. I will not! Join me!

We can only claim to be deaf, dumb or blind once and it only works one time. If you are looking, you can see, so if you’re listening, you have heard—so pass out the word!

Stay tuned for how you can help.

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3 Responses to A Moving Saturday with Children

  1. Elizabeth Morton says:

    Is there any way that the Wabash community can donate money to this orphanage?

  2. JUNE O'Hara says:

    I am Michael Jon’s mother, and as a Montessori teacher, I believe that the future peace
    of our world is in the hands of these and all children. Don’t underestimate the influence you have made in this orphanage on this one day. They will also remember! Let me know how I can help. As a mother I am so proud of your passion. God Bless you.

  3. Bro.Mathew says:

    that was good God will Bless you