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Jason Allen ’10 - If you’re ever near Homestead Florida, stop by "Robert Is Here", it’s a fruit stand and milkshake stop not far from the Everglades; you’ll be in for a treat. We stopped by for milkshakes (which were highly recommended by Dr. Krohne) and were surprised to find a huge selection of fruits and vegetables, many of which we unfamiliar to us; seeing as how our purpose in Florida was biological inquiry, we decided to buy some of the more unusual fruits. We purchased three varieties Sapodilla (supposedly tasting like a pear with brown sugar), Black Sapote (like chocolate) and Canistel (custard). The clerk told us to wait until the fruits were soft and squishy, that’s when they are ripe, this was going to be interesting.

A few days later, we cut them open, and got a quite a surprise. The Sapodilla was pinkish white on the inside and was actually pretty good, though wasn’t as sweet as we expected. The yellow Canistel was rather bland, maybe because plain custard is as well. However, far and away the most interesting was the Black Sapote. It certainly was squishy and was brown, soft and most on the inside. The highest compliment it garnered was that "it certainly tasted better than it looks." This is a fruit that was much better in milkshake form-blended with milk and ice cream and served cold.
So overall our experiment with some of Florida’s more exotic fruits was a fairly decent success. The fruits were a good ending to our breakfast of the last day in camp. It hit home for me though, how different things can be a few states away. These little fruits, like the Everglades, are rather unique and though I wouldn’t want either one everyday, I’m glad I got to experience both.
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  1. James Polk says:

    The Homestead area grows a tremendous amount of ethnic foods due to the large ethnic population of South FL. You can find items there that are unavailable anywhere else in the USA. Two of the things I have always enjoyed in season are the guavas and mangoes. The guavas and mangoes grown in South FL are sumptuous.