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Turkey from a Roman Archaeologist’s Perspective

Professor Jeremy Harnett – You know a trip was a success when your normal world looks different after you return home. Though our vans pulled into campus almost three days ago, some in our group are clearly still adapting to a … Continue reading

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Day Trip to Paris

It is not every Thursday that you are given the opportunity to have fun in two foreign countries, but this Thursday was an exception. After enjoying five days worth of touring London, we pealed ourselves out of bed at 4:00am … Continue reading

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Eichler Enjoyed Putting Marketing to Work

Jason Eichler ’11 – During Spring Break, many college students choose to head south and enjoy the warm weather and beaches. Along with nine other students, I chose to spend my 2010 Spring Break learning about the world of marketing from … Continue reading

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Marketing Immersion: Tying It All Together

Bobby Wade ’11 – Today, above all others, was the most exciting for me because of the opportunity to finally put our new skills and knowledge to use in a real life situation. Our time in lectures and conference rooms … Continue reading

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Check Out the Southern Florida Fruit

Jason Allen ’10 – If you’re ever near Homestead Florida, stop by "Robert Is Here", it’s a fruit stand and milkshake stop not far from the Everglades; you’ll be in for a treat. We stopped by for milkshakes (which were … Continue reading

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Comparing Coral Reefs

Shane Harmon ’10 – The habitats and species we saw in the Everglades were entirely new to me. I had never gone birding, walked through a swamp or mangrove forest, or kayaked through mangroves before this trip. Being completely new, all of … Continue reading

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Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, Florida.

Anthony Noles ’10 – One of the (many) songs that was continually hummed throughout this week was the theme song from Steven Spielberg’s movie Jurassic Park. The Everglades as a whole seem to come right from Spielberg’s set, but there … Continue reading

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