A Busy Morning, Free Afternoon Wraps Up Trip

Tommy Mambourg ’11 – This trip has been quite the adventure. Professor Bill Cook has an abundant amount of knowledge on Italy that cannot be expressed in words, let alone in a classroom. The amount of material we have covered in just over a week seems to be equivalent to the knowledge gained in a classroom at Wabash. Therefore, the actual classroom does not do enough justice compared to being here in Italy and actually experiencing it. As the last day in Italy is about to close, I have finally realized how great this opportunity has been for me.   

Today has been one our shorter days. Professor Cook gave us the afternoon off to experience Florence for ourselves. But this morning it was business as usual.

First, we stopped at Santa Maria Novella in Florence, which is the second largest church in Florence compared to the Cathedral. 

On our second trip, we took a bus up a hill, where we landed at our next destination — the Basilica di San Miniato el Monte, which is above the piazza de Michelangelo. As we got to the top of the stairs to the church the group saw one of the best views of Florence. 

Finally, our last destination of the day was Basilica di San Lorenzo, where I gave my presentation. 
The San Lorenzo is one of the largest churches in Florence located near the Duomo in the center of the city. The San Lorenzo’s original layout was designed by Filipo Brunelleschi, but supposedly finished by Michelangelo. It was the parish church of the Medici family, which was one of the most prominent families during Renaissance Florence. A mausoleum was placed inside the New and Old Sacristy of the church to show an act of appreciation for how much the Medici family did for Florence.      
Overall, this was the first time I traveled abroad and it has been an unforgettable experience. I am blessed to have the opportunity to go on such a great trip with a an awesome group of people and a professor with so much knowledge. I believe everyone should experience a trip outside of the country before graduation if possible.
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