Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Spain - The Baroque Era

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Analyzing Baroque and Improving My Spanish

Today was very interesting. We started the day off by taking a tour of the historical literary locations in Madrid including places where theatre and competing concepts in literature were an important part of Spanish culture during the Baroque period. 
Later in the day we took the metro to El Museo del Americas (Museum of the Americas). This museum holds a bunch of artwork and various artifacts from Spain’s exploration of the Americas throughout history. It was really cool seeing certain paintings in the gallery that we analyzed in class. It still blows me away that we are seeing works of art that were created a few hundred years ago. The museum not only gave us a good sense of the perspective on the Americas from the Spanish point of view but also exposed us to the native cultures in the Americas. The gallery displayed native tools, weapons, clothes and shelter.  
After the museum, I went out on my own to explore the city and buy a gift for my girlfriend back home. It was a great experience for me. For someone who needs to improve their Spanish, Spain is an invaluable experience. I feel that my Spanish has become at least 100% better since we came to Madrid just from being exposed to the native speakers.
-Eric Woolf ‘09