Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Politics/Economics of the EU

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First Plane Ride and the European Central Bank

Derrick Yoder ’11 – In the midst of a financial crisis, I have found myself lucky enough to experience an overseas adventure that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to finance. Because of this, I decided before the trip that I was going to soak up as much as I could from our trip to Brussels and Frankfurt. Even the plane ride was exciting for me; I had never before experienced the earth from such an elevated perspective. Despite the number of odd looks I got, I took full opportunity of the takeoff by throwing my hands in the air.
The first day was a mixture of exhaustion and exhilaration. Since we had the whole day to ourselves, I took the opportunity to meet up with my sister, who lives in France. Though we had no set plan, I was grateful for the opportunity and we enjoyed wandering the city. The day with my sister allowed me to see every corner of Brussels, which I used to my advantage when my classmates were lagging behind in search for our next destination. During the great day I also did things I normally wouldn’t have done had our day not been so impromptu, like visit the Museum of the History of Brussels.
Being that the immersion class is mixed between economics and political science majors, the students were bound to have different preferences in regards to their interests in EU institutions. Of our visits thus far, I have enjoyed the trip to the European Central Bank the most. I enjoyed interacting with the ECB press officer, learning about the ECB’s role in the current crisis and how they are interacting with the U.S. during the crisis. Her presence was enjoyable and I look forward to using all my cultural enrichment experiences on the trip to apply to my future endeavors.
Top: The group poses in front of European flags at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.
Right: Professor Mikek proudly stands next to the flag of his native country (and a recent European Union member) Slovenia.