Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Politics/Economics of the EU

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EU Commission + Doner Kebab + EurActiv + Slovenian Dinner...+More Doner Kabab

Khondoker Haider '10 - Today is our third day of the European Union Immersion Trip. Our day started pretty early. I got up at 7 A.M. and marched along with eighteen Wabash men and two professors to attend two back-to-back lectures at the European Commission. We actually went to the Visitors Center of the European Commission and attended lectures on the operation of the European Union and the economic aspects of the enlargement of the EU. The first lecture gave us a complete overview on the functioning of the EU. As always, Wabash men were engaged in the lecture and flooded him with good questions. The second lecture focused on the enlargement of the EU, a presentation I benefited from greatly. Afterwards I talked with the lecturer and found out that one of her colleagues is currently working on a research paper similar to my final paper for this class. She was kind enough to offer me further help in getting data for my paper. 
The trip to the EU commission ended after the lectures and we got around three hours to explore the city. At around 2 P.M., I went back to the hotel and decided to get some 'doner kebab' for lunch. In class Professor Hollander preached to us about this wonderful food and encouraged us to eat them as much as we could. After one, I was a convert. The doner kebab is one of the most delicious food you can get in Belgium. I like it so much that I have eaten that for lunch for the last three days.
After lunch, I strolled for an hour around the Grand Plaza and looked at some of the marvelous architectural work and then returned to the hotel for the evening meeting. Our initial evening plan was to meet with Mr. Brandon Mitchner ’87 and see the offices of EurActiv, a unique news and policy organization. Unfortunately, he had to go to Berlin and was unable to meet us. However, we took a tour of his office and spoke with one of his colleagues.
Rick Zednik, Deputy Chief Executive of EurActiv, explained the group of Wallys that EurActiv was a unique online media organization that provides the public in depth policy based news for free. Their revenue is derived from four different streams, the greatest being corporate sponsorships. While these companies have no direct control over editorial content, they can help direct editorial policy by funding journalistic exploration in certain subject areas.
 After the meeting, we went to a Slovenian restaurant chosen by Prof. Mikek, because, well, it was Slovenian. Generally speaking, we approved of Mikek’s bias towards his home country’s food. We ate Chicken gorgonzole for the main meal and apple Strudel for dessert. The food was so good that I even compared it with my favorite doner kebab. Later we returned to our hotel and I watched European Champions league soccer match between Real Madrid and Liverpool with a few of my friends. Then I decided to write this blog. Once I get this done I’ll be heading out to get some more doner kebabs............
Top: Juniors Willy Matis, Khondoker Haider, Paul Musielak and Senior Taylor Larimore prepare for the speakers from the European Commission.

Bottom Left: Professor Ethan Hollander and Wabash students listen to Rick Zednik discuss the EU media organization EurActiv.