Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Politics/Economics of the EU

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Belgium a dream came True!

 Fabricio Monroy '10 - Since this past Saturday I have enjoyed one of  the most amazing experiences in my life. The possibility to go to  Brussels and Frankfurt are like a dream. This Sunday I traveled with  some of the 18 students to the city of Brugges. This city is located 30  minutes away from Brussels, but the ride is worth it. This Monday and  Tuesday we started with our academic schedule. We went to the U.S.  Embassy and to the European Commission buildings. This visits  were really interesting and refreshing, due we could talk with people  who really have and idea of what is going on with the always  misunderstood European Union.
 So far, I have been able to enjoy different types of food, chocolates  and the world's best beer.
 I have been able to know different perspectives of people about the  EU, and current topics such as the World's financial crisis and the  enlargement of the EU. This trip was really knowledge and cultural  enhancer. I'm sure that my classmates and my professors feel the  same way I'm do. Belgium is a magnificent city and the people is  awesome. There is so much different cultural backgrounds and people, that is impossible to not  communicate with the Belgium citizens.  Belgians speaks three languages at least, they are really  good with that.
I'm loving this experience and this trip...Thanks Wabash!!!!