Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: New York Art

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Day 6 - We are finally going home…can we get the trip to be extended a few more days?

Juan Diaz, Class of 2010 - The New York trip finally came to an end. Everyone had their last moments of fun, slept for the last night in New York and packed for our trip back to good old ‘Bash. The trip was filled with so much excitement, aching feet and of course art. We walked miles from museum to museum and within museums. Saw every kind of art imaginable. Saw great works by great artists such as Cezanne, Frida Kahlo, Pollock, Picasso, and Georgia O’Keeffe. We witnessed art from all over: African Art, Oceana Art, art from the Americas, European Art, and Asian art; as well as art form different time periods. We saw art that can easily fit in your finger and art that is so massive you wonder how the museum got it indoors. So much art, so little time.
As everyone slept their last few hours, Dr. Wilkins and I headed to Times Square for one more piece of art. Time Square was home to a sound piece hidden underground. You knew it was in Times Square, the problem became finding it. We looked in one location, but no luck so we headed across the street. After enduring the cold freezing morning winds we heard an echo. Located a few feet off a newly build red stands the piece was a wonderful way to end the trip. It is hard to describe the sound but it was sort of a serene constant hollow sound. It had a different tone form time to time, but overall had a similar tone and beat. This piece was by far the most unique of the trip. We saw multiple works that dealt with art, but those pieces also showed you the art. In this particular piece you only heard the art. Hearing and seeing is one thing, but hearing it and NOT seeing it can be profound.
We are now in the Indianapolis terminal waiting for our ride back to campus. As we sit, wait and enjoy Twizzlers we reminisce on our experiences. That art, places, and people we saw urging to go back to NY and stay a bit longer…but been back home is fair enough.