Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: New York Art

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Day 6 - A Sad Journey Home

Kyle Edwards, Class of 2011 - So today I would love to tell you that we saw all of these awesome pieces of art by world famous artists, and saw more fascinating sites of New York City, but today was much less interesting.  Today we had to wake up and pack for the journey home.  We checked out of our hostel and made our way to LaGuardia Airport via a shuttle with some scary New York City driving.  The journey home was definitely a depressing one.  We all wanted to stay in the Big Apple for another week, as the sites there are much better than those of Crawfordsville.  Looking back at the trip we all had a great time and saw many wonderful pieces of artwork. 
Many of us students that went had never been to New York City before, and we were all amazed at the sites and the incredible number of museums and galleries that the city had to offer.  All of the students were very thankful to have participated in this immersion trip; we got to see artwork that we study in class on the wall of a museum or gallery.  Seeing that work in a picture of a textbook does not come close in comparison, you can actually see what the artist was experiencing when they created the piece.  Some of the paintings we saw exceeded 15 feet in one dimension, but you do not get the same feeling just looking at the picture in a textbook.  This was definitely an inspiring trip for an art major.  I want to end with saying thank you very much to Wabash and to the art professors for taking us on this wonderful experience to New York City.