Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: New York Art

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Day 5 - Rather Shallow and Pedantic at the Guggenshmuggen

Korey Pazour, Class of 2010 – So today has been another long day with many miles of walking.  After pushing through the pain of my blistering feet, the breath-taking art at the incredible museums we have gone to is well worth it.   The first museum we visited was the Guggenheim.  I have always wanted to see this museum, so this was a real treat for me.  Seeing all the famous artists that I have studied for countless hours at the Bash leaves me speechless.  Pictures from the books that I have studied do not do justice for these talented artists.  The Guggenheim featured works from Pablo Picasso, Mark Chagall, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Braque, Henri Rousseau, and many others that just about any artist would dream about seeing.  The most shocking piece that I saw at the Guggenheim was a piece by Camille Pissarro that I actually reproduced in high school (I would argue my work is slightly better).  I did not expect to see this piece at the Guggenheim, so it really caught me off guard. 
The second museum we visited was the Whitney Museum of American Art.  This museum also contained many artists that I have been studying in my art history classes.  Seeing Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko’s pieces up close is entirely different from viewing them in the book.  The massive size of them really draws you into their work.  I would have to say one of my favorite pieces at this museum was an abstract video by Cory Arcangel titled Super Mario Clouds.  I thought it was creative to use a well-known video game and make it his own by playing with the idea of abstraction. 
The last museum we went to today was the Museum of Arts and Design.  I did not think that this museum would have much hope after just getting out of the Guggenheim and Whitney; however, it actually was right up at the top of my favorite museums during our trip here.  The artists in this museum were extremely creative and the galleries were perfect.  I got many ideas from the art in this museum, and am ready to head back to create some new work at home.  This trip has been extremely beneficial to me as an artist.