Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: New York Art

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Day 4 - Realism in New York

Callum Davies, Class of 2011- This morning we visited the Exit art gallery, the aperture museum, and a selection of smaller art galleries in the district. From there we travelled to the Chelsea art museum were we saw a selection of more obscure artwork. While at the Exit art gallery we saw some pretty provocative installations. The most queer of which was a video about a chemical that caused women to become dominatrix’s. I sat there for about ten minutes watching this video and by the end my jaw was open so wide I thought I would have to pick it up off the floor.
The aperture museum, which we visited next, was a behemoth of a building. The galleries spanned seven floors high and were significantly spacious. My personal favorite was the third floor, which contained a selection of photo realist paintings. The vibrant colors and attention to detail were watch attracted me the most.
Finally, we visited the Chelsea art museum, which we had actually passed on day one on our way to the textual healing exhibition. This museum was only three stories tall and contained very little art. I feel as though we have seen a great deal of artwork not only today but thus far on our trip. We have certainly had plenty to entertain us with and we are definitely getting a legwork out. I cannot believe we have already been here four days, it will be hard to say goodbye to the amazing culture that we are becoming immersed in.