Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: New York Art

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Day 3 - Graffiti


Collin Fleck, Class of 2011 - The best part about today was visiting MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and their satellite gallery PS1 (I never found out what that meant). The sheer size of the museum was incredible; 5 levels filled with paintings, sculpture, design, and video installations. After we spent a few hours there a few of us headed over to the PS1 gallery to see some more video work and other works as well.
One of the coolest pieces I saw was a swimming pool that when you looked down into it there was people walking around on the bottom. A stairway lead down to where anyone could walk along the bottom of the pool and look up though the water as well. Another piece of work I liked was a combination of text and photos of Jackie Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald that brought up interesting dialogue and interpretations. As we left I realized that the infamous 5 Pointz warehouse was located right across the street. This is a warehouse that is covered from head to foot in graffiti. Many of the great legends from all across the world have been here to paint. For me this was the Mecca of graffiti!! I saw some of my favorite writers like Cope2 and Espo.
I wanted to stay longer but we had to be on our way to have dinner with alumnus Bill Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler is currently the CFO of Metlife in New York and he was treating us to dinner at a Brazilian restaurant called Circus. The food was great and it was really cool to meet Mr. Wheeler and talk about old Wabash and his experience.