Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Marketing

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Spring Break in Cancun or Carmel?

Maycdon Sprowl, Class of 2012-

            Starting off with the quotidian lecture Mr. Roland Morin gave the Wabash Marketing Immersion Program participants, we knew right away we would have another amazing day. After discussing Internet Marketing, Mr. Myron introduced the keen students Scott Smalstig, class of ’88 who majored in English and is currently the Vice President of Joseph David Advertising. Mr. Smalstig, a very ambitious and energetic gentleman, declared that the main goal of his business is to “help companies and people to stand out.” And does he!
            After lecturing the students, Mr. Smalstig invited us to participate in a real world project that his company and him are currently working on. Our mission: To advertise the NASCAR Hall of Fame’s Grand Opening in May 2010 and its mission, to preserve and present the history heritage of NASCAR racing. What a great hour of hands on experience! 
            Here we go! Our next stop is the Just Marketing International Company, where our Wabash alum, Wesley Zirkle, class of ’98, is currently the Vice President and General Counsel. Along with the tour in the company, our satisfaction and expectations were exceeded. After great advice on the motor marketing, Mr. Zirkle takes us to see the cars. There is no other reaction but the following onomatopoeia, “WOW!” Car designers have indeed creatively engineered XXI century car styles with an incomparable perfection!   
            While traveling to Cancun was an option, MIP provided Wabash men with a memorable 2009 Spring Break.