Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Marketing

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South Bend

Tian Tian, Class of 2011-

After three day’s immersion training on the marketing terms and case studies with Mr. Roland Morin, our team went all the way from Carmel to South Bend for a whole day’s marketing-based field trip. After the morning visit to the Football Hall of Fame and a hot-chocolate-break, we went to the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, where we met our alumni, Mr. Andrew J. Snyder, Vice President of Marketing at Saint Joseph. I felt we have arrived at a perfect time because the Medical Center has recently come up a plan of moving the entire organization into a new location in December 2009! Mr. Snyder gave us a one-hour presentation about the entire plan of the moving process, which covers almost every aspect about marketing strategies. We were totally impressed by the moving plan which sounds seamless. Mr. Snyder really showed us a successful marketing plan does not come spontaneously but requires tremendous amount of details and professional skills. For instance, the seemingly simple installation of power plugs in the patient rooms directly affects the satisfaction level in the long run, so the right way of installation will decrease medical error in a large scale. Moreover, I am especially astounded by the power of public relation as a mighty tool of marketing in the case of Saint Joseph. Meanwhile, I have never thought before that medical industry could involve such great creativity and originality when it comes to the marketing domain, which makes me more optimistic about the possibilities of my own career orientation in the future.

Looking back of the four days’ amazing experience, this marketing immersion trip experience has been filled with excitement and brainstorming.  I feel like I came here with almost zero background of professional marketing, but started directly from the peak of the industry. In this way, I am truly grateful to everyone that makes this trip happen, and especially our alumni Mr. Roland Morin, who devotes his own vacation and put such great enthusiasm in helping us.