Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Marketing

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Motor Sports and Chinese Food

Benjamin Muensterman, Class of 2012-

This morning I got up and ate a donut and drank chocolate milk at the
hotel.  It was great, but my day was about to get much better.  After we
discussed Google and Sony with Roland Miron ’92, Scott Smalstig
’88 came to give a talk about his work in advertising.  He has been
making pitches to the Charolette Regional Visitors Authority to win the
rights to do the advertising campaign for the NASCAR Hall of Fame that
will open in 2010.  After giving us background information, he separated
us into groups so we could come up with our own advertising campaigns for
the Hall of Fame.  After we all presented our ideas, he even gave us
constructive criticism of what he thought was really good and areas in
which our campaigns were lacking.  I learned a lot about how the marketing
industry works.

After eating more good food at Wendy’s we all went to Just Marketing
in Zionsville to talk to Wesley Zirkle ’98.  That was great too.
Just Marketing is a motor sports marketing company, meaning they set
companies up with the advertising they need in NASCAR and Formula 1
.  There clients include Verizon, UPS, Subway, Crown Royal, and LG.
It was great to hear more about how the business of marketing works from
the inside, and we got to see the stellar cars they had in their garage.
There was a Lotus Elite, a Lamborghini, a Ferari, and both a stock and
Formula 1 car.  I asked Mr. Zirkle if he ever drove the cars, and he said
the one he drove was so powerful and fast that it made him nervous and he
just wanted to park it and get out.  After our time at Just Marketing we
ate good Chinese food.  It was an awesome day.