Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Marketing

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Looking Back...

Brian David, Class of 2012-
Living the past 5 days in the scenic metropolis of Carmel, IN. has been an amazing experience during my spring break. I came into this immersion trip with a little knowledge in marketing through an internship back home during my senior year, but this week completely blew me away. I’ve had the opportunities to actually see marketing strategies we’ve learned put into practice. I was able to see ones that work and others that didn’t.
Today, we actually were able to create our own marketing plan for a fake company set in the lovely Crawfordsville, IN area. My group received the job to promote a home repair company. Using the tools and strategies we learned throughout the week such as the 4 P’s of marketing, segmentation, targeting, branding, as well as many others. We had about two hours to come up with a 20-25 minute presentation for our business. After visiting several companies in the past few days, we were able to build upon the strategies we have learned. We had several different ideas flowing and it was really tough to cut them down in order to fit the time. The two hours working were among the shortest I’ve ever experienced because every minute was used.
It was then time for everyone to present and everyone had exceptional presentations. Each had unique strategies and it was really cool to see the way their plans came together. After everyone presented, Roland and Angie gave out constructive criticism to each group and the criticism was extremely beneficial. It is not often that you can receive free advice in marketing in a business setting. At the end, they selected a winner, and my group actually won.
I had the opportunity to return home to the suburbs of NYC to see my friends during spring break this year, but instead endeavored into the world of marketing. It was a sacrifice that was definitely worth it. I feel that Wabash offers its students so many opportunities to fully experience a liberal arts education and this type of program absolutely demonstrates that. I hope that future students are lucky enough to participate in this program because it was definitely worth the five days of my spring break.