Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Marketing

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First Day

Adam Andrews, Class of 2012-

         The first day of my experience in the Marketing Immersion Program was fun and enlightening. We learned a lot about our instructor Roland Morin and his depth of experience in marketing. For the most part, Roland led us through some of the basics of marketing, while expanding upon them and drawing examples from his experience to further communicate the ideas and relate the ideas to the real world.
            As well as the individual class time that we had with Roland today, we were fortunate enough to be visited by Wabash alumnus Jim Kerr with My Health Care Manager. Coming into this experience I recognized a difference between sales and marketing, but I wasn't exactly sure as to how the two fields were differentiated. After Jim's presentation on ways he has found successful in selling a products and services, my interest grew in a career in sales.
Overall, the first day experience of this program was very rewarding and academically enriching. There was a mass amount of information shared today, and the discussion of the Starbucks case as well as our group marketing activities were well structured teaching methods that engaged the class into active learning. I enjoyed the first day of the program, and I am looking forward to the amazing opportunities that are in front of my peers and I this week.