Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Marketing

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First Day

   Pat West, Class of 2012-    My first Spring Break as a college student, I thought that my opportunities would be limitless as to what I would be able to do.  The warm beaches, the chance to finally meet and interact with girls on a regular basis, and time to just unwind and not worry about the stresses of life.  But, my perspective quickly changed once I came to Wabash.  Shortly before Christmas break I was talking to one of my pledge brothers who mentioned an opportunity to participate in a Marketing Immersion Trip hosted by Wabash.  My first thought was no way, why would I want to do that on my one free week of the school year?  But after giving it some time and thinking on the idea, the thought of doing this began to make more and more sense.  So I applied and was fortunate enough to be accepted for the five day crash course in Marketing.

     The first day in most scenarios can always be a bit unsettling, I came in not knowing what to expect, and all I could think of was how some of my friends were out having a good time on the beach.  However, the minute I stepped into the conference room and we began our discussion of the program, I knew this was a sacrifice well worth making in order to advance my knowledge and understanding of Marketing.  We started off with introductions, Roland Morin, our instructor for the week set a very comfortable and relaxed environment. During our week of study, nothing was out of the question to ask, we were encouraged to express any and all ideas, and that the goal of this program wasn't to obtain everything that was presented to us, but to walk away from this experience with a better understanding of real world marketing concepts and how to apply them to real world situations.  Right before lunch we were given a brief presentation by Jim Kerr, a Wabash Alumnus, on the difference between Sales and Marketing which was very informative and easy to follow.  We then took a short recess for lunch and returned to the conference room for closing thoughts on the basics of Marketing.  Once Mr. Morin was finished, we then proceeded to work in small groups on developing a product using the four P's of Marketing (Price, Place, Promotion, and Product).  Being able to receive feedback from my peers on what they liked about my ideas and areas for improvement was very insightful.  We then finished up the day by discussing a case study of Starbucks and its keys to success throughout the 90's.  All in all it was a very good first day and I am looking forward to what is in store for tomorrow.