Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Marketing

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Final Presentations

Yangnan (Paul) Liu, Class of 2012-
Five days flashed so fast that I could not believe it’s the end of the immersion trip. Today is the final presentation day. After helping us review all the marketing terms, principles, and strategies, Mr. Roland divided us into four groups and assigned each group a project and we are going to make marketing plans to attract investment from Angie and him. The four virtual businesses are Bait shop, Home Removal Company, Spa Palace and Jewelry Store. Patrick, Drew and I “luckily” got the Jewelry store project and none of us have any knowledge about jewelry business.
Fortunately, Angie, the only female sitting in the presentation room gave us lots of ideas and demographic information about jewelry market in Crawfordsville. We started brainstorming and got out numerous interesting ideas including targeting customers in Wabash College students to make college and fraternity rings, exclusively designed engage and wedding rings, and multi-culture style jewelry and accessories. We all did a great god on presentation and everybody was so amazed by the crazy ideas and creative presentations.
I am so glad that I participated in this great immersion trip. These five days ensured my goal to work in marketing area and opened my doors of networking with so many successful alumni as well as met lots of cool Wabash friends. I would strongly encourage every Wabash man interested in business taking this opportunity to explore in marketing world.