Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Marketing

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A Typical Day

Saidel Mayar, Class of 2010- Today I woke up at 7:30AM to eat breakfast and get ready for the second day of our Marketing Immersion trip. At 9:00AM, we started our discussion with a chapter from Kotler and Armstrong’s book about marketing. The chapter outlines three core concepts of marketing which are: Market Segmentation, Target Marketing and Product Positioning. We discussed Market Segmentation until 10:15AM, and then left our hotel to visit Mr. Tim Craft, Wabash class of ’00, in Indianapolis. He is currently working at CB Richard Ellis, Inc. as a Senior Associate. He talked about Sales, which is the sister of Marketing (sort of). He then talked about the company he works for and showed us his office. After meeting Ted, we went to eat lunch. We got back to our hotel at around 1:30PM to kick off the second part of the day.

       According to our schedule, we started our usual discussion with Target Marketing and Product Positioning. We went through a powerpoint and then discussed one related case. The case was about Guinness beers. We basically discussed the success of a 243-years old brand that can still appeal to new generations. We wrapped up the day with this case and came back to our rooms to relax, for a while at least. I have got tons of readings to do for tomorrow, so I have to take off for now. But I am sure you will be kept posted about our wonderful learning experience here in Carmel Indiana. Wish me a good night. Thanks.