Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Glee Club Trip

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Sunday, March 8: St. Paul's Church (Pittsburgh)

As our bus pulled away from our motel Sunday morning, a 6-car police chase passed us by (a good omen for our day of driving). On the road, some slept, some read, and there were card games; we kept ourselves entertained. When we arrived at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, near Pittsburgh, we performed an afternoon concert, which went well. After, we had dinner with our pleasant audience and met our hosts for the night.

                Sunday evening rooming arrangements were different. We stayed in the homes of the families for whom we had performed. My hosts were the Roths, who were as hospitable as can be. The mother, Sandy Roth, took me and my roommates on a driving tour of downtown Pittsburgh and then to Mt. Washington for a scenic view of the city. Seeing the city and meeting the families made this a unique and very enjoyable night. The next morning, most Glee Club members returned to the bus with various baked goods and snacks from our hosts.
--Andrew Kunze, ‘12

                 After a long and invariably interesting bus ride, the Glee Club arrived finally in Pittsburgh. We unloaded our things from the bus and had a hasty rehearsal, followed by an afternoon concert at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church (of which, Dr. Bowen’s sister is a member). I was surprised to see a good following of Wabash alumni in the crowd; they’re easily identified as they stand to sing “Old Wabash” with us.

                Post concert, the church provided a dinner for us, where we met our host families for the evening. Chris, Bryan, and I were set up with the White Family, who gave us the windshield tour of downtown Pittsburgh. On the tour we saw the various stadia (Heinz Field, PNC Park, Mellon Arena), commercial buildings, skyscrapers, and of course the conflux of the three rivers. Afterwards, we went back to their 100+ year old house for the evening to enjoy an evening of conversation, playtime with their three dogs (which were as large as Bryan, no joke), and, of course, food. The second day of tour definitely did not disappoint.
--Pete Guiden, ‘12


Top: Wabash students enjoy a little time off the bus at a roadside A&W

Middle: You know you're in Pittsburgh when you see the Steeler's home field

Bottom: Our host family wasn't joking when they advertised "Must love dogs"