Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Glee Club Trip

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Saturday, March 7: Morehouse/Wabash Combined Concert

Our trip began early Saturday morning with much anticipation for concert at the North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis. As a senior, this is my last Glee Club tour and I am extremely excited to do this one last time. We have practiced long and hard over the past few weeks in preparation for this trip. I have never been to Philadelphia, and cannot wait to see what the city has to offer.


I was extremely excited to sing along side our fellow all-male institution Morehouse College. They have a very impressive reputation and I could not wait to listen to the various styles of music they were going to perform. Upon listening to them, I was completely blown away. They sang an array of songs that truly showcased their talent. I really enjoyed their performance of “Betelehemu” for they combined singing, instrumentation, and choreography into grand spectacle. Singing along side Morehouse was another great experience. It has been a while to since I have sung with an extremely large group and our sound was simply amazing. I cannot wait to perform in front of the many other audiences we are scheduled to sing for. 
--Ronald King ‘09
                Ah, Spring Break; the halfway mark for second semester. While some sprinted from their last classes to pack bags for immersion trips, car rides home, or other exotic locations, I packed for the Glee Club Spring Break tour. Our first destination: North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. We met and performed with fellow single-sex institution, Morehouse College.  When talking with the students of Morehouse, we weren’t asked the typical question, “You go to an all male school? How is that?” Instead, we exchanged inquiries on majors, future plans, and the nightlife of Atlanta and Crawfordsville. The camaraderie was refreshing.
The actual performance of our combined glee clubs was simply electric. First, Morehouse took center stage and left the audience (Wabash Glee Club included) dumbfounded. Goosebumps were aplenty after the first thirty seconds. At times, I could close my eyes and forget I was listening to a college choir and easily imagine I was hearing a full symphony. When we took stage afterwards, we performed a completely different repertoire, to a fully receptive audience. The finale, a joint performance of “Every Time I Feel The Spirit” and “Brother Sing On” reminded me why I joined this club. 
--Miles Ashton, ‘12


Top: Wabash College's T-Tones warm up at North United Methodist

Center: Morehouse and Wabash Glee Club Members link arms for the singing of Morehouse's Alma Mater

Bottom: A meet-and-greet dinner for both Glee Clubs preceded the concert