Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Glee Club Trip

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Monday, March 9: Arrive in Philly/Orpheus Club Concert

First, a brief introduction for the Orpheus Club. The Orpheus Club has been unchallenged in claiming to be longest lasting men’s singing group in the nation, formed in 1872. Their two-story building in downtown Philly held a lot of nostalgia. The first floor was their rehearsal area to seat their 75+ member group, including a stage. The second floor was their meeting room that doubled as a venue for meals (including our dinner that evening). Our dinner was provided by a Wabash Alum and current Orpheus member Fred Wampler ('57).  

After dinner, both groups exchanged songs downstairs for the better part of an hour. Their repertoire was similar to ours in that they had the songs of brotherhood, love, and sacred works. After the hour was up, we marched back upstairs to a more intimate atmosphere of smaller singing ensembles and refreshments—known as “Round Table Singing”. Of the small groups that were formed, there was even a duet of an Orpheus Club member and Wabash's own Steve Maynard '11. The songs sung by the Orpheus Club were a gas—it made for an incredibly enjoyable evening.

                                                        --Patrick Griffith, '11


Top Right: Some of the Orpheus Club's best perform for both groups

Bottom Left: The man of the trip, Fred Wampler ('57) goes solo