Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Expressive Culture

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Old Alabama Town and Alabama State

Andre Adeyemi ’12 - Old Town Alabama Museum was our first stop of our day. This museum was different because it was more interactive in the fact that we were able to walk through different houses of the 19th century and interact with characters of that time period. While on the tour we visited a woman’s home, a cotton gin, a plantation house, and a church. After that we all split up and met back to pay Alabama State University here in Montgomery.
While on the campus we received a tour of all the major facilities. Much like Wabash the Greek scene on campus is very overwhelming. Many of the Black fraternities and sororities have their own rock or spot on campus where decorate in their fraternities colors much like the bench at Wabash behind Center Hall. Instead of eating on campus we went to a local pizzeria where and although we did not receive the best service we had very good pizza. The visiting of Alabama State University was the end of the days scheduled activates, but later that evening Professor Timmerman, Gary James (fellow student), and I went back to Alabama State University to hear Jeff Johnson (a BET political commentator). Although I did not agree with his view points I think he is a very clear and deceive speaker. I cannot wait for the rest of the trip!