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Culture Shock

Stephen Kleitsch '11 - Around 7 o'clock Friday afternoon I was standing in line to get some fried chicken when it hit me... I was in Alabama. This weekend started with a 7 hour car ride. Most of us had prepared for that by staying up a little later then usual. Our trip was supposed to start at 6:00 am and I went to bed around 6:30... it was a good car ride.
        Upon arriving in historic Selma, AL I noticed something very different about the people... they drove cars with very large rims. 20's are cliché in this area, if you want to be a real citizen of Selma get the 26's.
        Yes, this is an immersion trip. We are students of African-American                                              
Rhetoric and our class was in session a little later then usual as it didnot start until around 8 pm when we attended a step dance performance. Dozens of teams performed live with energetic dance routines... a bit of a difference from what I am used to on b reaks from school being that I am from Wisconsin. At the same time a group of us attended a Public Conversation put on by several leaders within the African-American community; this was fun. I look forward to the rest of the week, this could be a culture shock.