Wabash Blogs Immersion 2009: Belize - Invertebrate Biology

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All Good Things Must Come to an End

Tang Ye ‘12- Last day in Belize: There aren’t many activities except for one, going back home. It is indeed a long trip. We got up when it was barely six, and moved our baggage to the dock. Shortly after finishing a short breakfast, we were on the boat to Dangriga. Although riding this “roller coaster” was still funny, after playing with waves and water for the past few days, we were not quite as excited as when we first came. A week ago, it was with such an excitement and freshness that we came to the South Water Caye, our serene and other worldly island, and began our dream like experience there. Right now, we had to reverse the trip. I am sure there is much more for everyone to think about.


The rest of the day was almost all about travel. There was a short digression, however. After arriving at Dangriga, we went to the Dangriga central market. It was pretty small and mainly sold food. There were also some manufacturing goods, but we didn’t find many interesting things to purchase and soon went back to our bus. We then continued our trip to Belize City. Although Dangriga and Belize City are both located near the sea, we had to take a round-about trip to the inland. The traffic system in Belize is designed to protect the near shore wetlands. One good thing for us was that we could have a glimpse of the inlands – the cities, the countryside, the farms, the plantations, and the mountains.


After two hours of bus riding, we got to the Belize City and began our twelve hour long process flying and waiting. When we finally got back to Wabash College, it was already 1 in the morning. As we said good bye to each other, I knew the trip was officially over. Our Belize trip is but a week long, but I am sure the experience we had and the insights I have gained is everlasting.


In photo, fresh produce sold at the outdoor market in Dangriga.