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Students to Study Master Novelists

Associate Professor of Spanish Gilberto Gomez will lead a group of eleven students to Spain over spring break for their class immersion trip.  

Dr. Gomez teaches Spanish-477: Master Novelists of the Hispanic World, a special topics course that provides an in-depth review of two major novelists of the Spanish-speaking world: Miguel de Cervantes and Garcia Marquez. During the first half of the semester, the class read Don Quixote, a popular novel written by Cervantes.

The group will depart for Spain Friday, February 29, 2008 and return Saturday, March 8, 2008. The trip to Spain will allow them to see some of the locations represented in the book. They will even follow part of Don Quixote’s route, including visits to La Mancha, Madrid, and Alcala de Henares, his birth town, Campo de Criptana, to see the windmills, and El Toboso, to visit the home Quixote’s inspiration Dulcinea.

Dr. Gomez and his students will also visit museums devoted to Cervantes and view artwork created by his contemporaries.

“Everyone has heard about the book Don Quixote, but few people have actually read it because it is long and daunting,” Dr. Gomez said of the novel. “My contention is that Wabash students, especially Wabash Spanish majors, should know the book well. I think it’s important because, although the book represents universal themes of idealism versus pragmatism for example, it is also foremost a Spanish book that deals with issues pertaining to Spain in the 16th century. It’s important to go and see the material reality that still survives today that was present at the time Cervantes wrote the book.”

Student Participants: Ivan Acebo-Choy, Miguel Aguilar, Diego Aliaga, Bryan Engh, Steve Hernandez, Arturo Medina, Neal Monroe, Fabricio Monroy Michel, Victor Nava, Luis Quiroga.

Nava will be posting daily blog entries from the students throughout the trip to Spain.